For questions relating to the installation of or use of the 7zip program, provided by the `p7zip-full` package. 7zip is a file archiving application able to compress to and extract a variety of formats.

7zip is a file archiving application licensed under the GNU LGPL. It is used to archive or compress multiple files and directories into single files, and to uncompress and extract such archives. It is not installed by default in Ubuntu, but the package that provides it, p7zip-full, is available in repositories. Use this tag for questions about installing or using 7zip.

7zip can create and extract archives in these formats: 7z (default), XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP and WIM. It can extract many other formats including CPIO, ISO, RPM and SquashFS.

The utilities provided by 7zip can be accessed with the 7z command

7zip website

7z man page

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