Ubuntu: FireTray stopped working on Thunderbird


Using Thunderbird 31.3.0 with FireTray 0.5.4 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with Gnome. When I reduce my Thunderbird window it doesn't go the tray icons area,and when I close the window it stops Thunderbird. Occurred after restarting my machine, every thing was working fine before.

Anybody faced the same issue or knows a better way to minimize Thunderbird to tray ?


If anyone is still interested, here on GitHub is the instruction for FireTray 0.5.4:

For the fix, try Preferences > Advanced > Config Editor

search extensions.firetray.with_appindicator, set it to false, and restart Thunderbird.

After applying that, everything works as it used to. The regression seems to be caused by porting the addon to Unity and Plasma 5 with new app indicators.

PS Note that this is not a solution for KDE5. In that DE you need to leave the setting as true and pray, otherwise you'll get no icon at all.


I dropped firetray and used MinimizeToTray revived (MinTrayR) 1.1.2 instead. It worked fine for me, I can minimize Thunderbird window to tray icon area back. Hope it may help someone !

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