Ubuntu: Can't run jupyter notebook when using ssh


New to linux and setting up my first system to run python and deep learning. I've got 16.04 Ubuntu, Anaconda, Python 3, Juypter notebook, and all my deep learning libraries installed and they work from my linux box. I've set up one user which is me.

I want to be able to access them from my mac laptop from elsewhere on my home network (eventually from anywhere, but baby steps). I installed openssh, configured the ports on my wireless router, and I am able to connect to the my linux box from my mac using the account and password that I set up. (Still working on installing keys and disabling password login, but again, baby steps.)

From my ssh session, I am able to update the system, edit files, shutdown, etc. but when I type jupyter notebook I get a command not found message.

Any idea what it could be?


Totally basic thing! Logging in over ssh only runs the .bash_profile and not .bashrc. All my PATH directories for Anaconda and Jupyter were added to .bashrc. I followed this advice and added the following to my .bash_profile

if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then     source ~/.bashrc  fi  

Now on to the next basic thing that I've messed up!

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