Ubuntu: Cairo-dock wrong position after recent reboot on 16.04 LTS


I have last cairo-dock. After recent reboot cairo's position is now wrong. It's centered relatively to my screen edge. I have two monitors. On right one it's now looks like:

enter image description here

I tried change cairo's position settings, but with no success.

I definitely can't figure out how to reset the position of this cool, but unfortunately poor maintained thing. Could a kind soul help me?

Thanx in advance.


I too have a multiple monitor system and had a similar problem where the dock appears at the top of my screen (it was set for the bottom of my main screen) but is not apparently responsive to mouse hovering or clicks. After some effort I realized my mouse can activate the dock, but not by hovering over the location where the dock appears to be, but at a location on one of my other screens! After some experimentation I found that I can enter the Cairo dock configure menu by right clicking this other location in slightly different positions (I usually have to right click on a space between the docked apps to do this) until the Cairo dock configure menu appears. From there I have used the position plugin to change the dock position away from the screen edge and that has fixed the problem for me. I am using a NVIDIA card and proprietary drivers with four screens and Compiz under Ubuntu 16.04 Unity.


Eventually I changed the current theme in 'Configure' dialog and this resolved the issue.

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