Ubuntu: Apache/Owncloud denying exteral WAN requests


I have an Ubuntu server 16.04 VM running OwnCloud 9.1.4 and Apache 2.4.18. This instance was previously accessible outside my LAN using forwarding from external port 8080 to 80 on the server. At some point, an update/reboot made it stop accepting WAN requests, but it works fine on the LAN.

Port forwarding is still set up and 8080 is not blocked by my ISP.  ufw is disabled  apache2 is set to listen on port 80  iptables are set to accept  

I have set up another vm for comparison purposes, but I don't want to migrate the db and I also would like to learn to fix it instead of giving up on it. I've compared the iptables, and files apache.cfg, owncloud.conf, and ports.conf. I think there have been a few others, but I've been digging a while so I may have forgotten something.

  • The only difference I've been able to find is that the newer host lacks a

/etc/apache2/apache2-doc.conf file that the older instance has. Apache will not run without it there, I tried that too.

I'm using http://www.t1shopper.com/tools/port-scan/# to check ports. The original machine I want to reach isn't pinging, but the second vm is fine. I have been able to access #2 remotely (I had a friend do it, and also used my phone on wireless.) I thought it could have been a router/forwarding problem, but I've ruled that out.

I've been scouring the web, but there's something I'm obviously missing.

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