Ubuntu: How to always show all breadcrumbs in nautilus?


When I open a directory in nautilus using a shortcut, for example "Desktop", the top bar is of nautilus is showing: left arrow, Home, Desktop. When I press the arrow, I get to see links to root and "/home/".

How do I get it to never show the arrow, but instead always show all the parent directories?

I have seen tried always_use_location_entry, but it shows text instead of click-able links.


From my experience, I don't think that is possible. The only interesting thing that you can do is use the F3 to open another side file and F9 to hide/show file tree.


I think that's the default behavior in 12.04, but it only applies once you are out of your home directory. (Sorry that that doesn't really help with 11.10.) So, if I start Nautilus in my home directory it shortens the path to be relative to my home directory. If I jump up one directory, it starts showing the full path. If I start Nautilus in any directory other than my home directory, it shows the full path.

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