JavaTutorial : Map Collection Tutorial for Java Beginners

Map is an Interface which comes under Java Collection framework.

Main Characteristic of Map Interface

  • It is an Object that used to map keys to values.
  • A Map cannot contain Duplicate values.
  • Every key can map to one value at most.
  • This interface is replacement to Dictionary class which was an abstract class instead of Interface.
  • Map interface allows 3 collection views
    • Set of keys
    • Collection of values
    • Set of key-value mappings
  • As Map provide 3 views as above, It allows you to iterate over keys, values or key value pair.
  • Entry can be removed from a Map in a safe way during iteration.
  • It is not permissible for a map to contain itself as a key.
  • Map can contain itself as value.
  • There are some restriction on the keys and values some map implementation can contain.
  • Attempting to insert an ineligible key or value throws an unchecked exception.

Concrete Map Implementation

  • HashMap
  • Hashtable
  • EnumMap
  • IdentityHashMap
  • LinkedHashMap
  • Properties
  • TreeMap
  • WeakHashMap
  • ConcurrentSkipListMap
  • ConcurrentHashMap

Important Methods in Map Interface

  • put(K key, V value) : Put the specified value in map with specified key.
  • putAll(Map<? extends K, ? extends V> m) : Copies all mapping from given Map to this Map.
  • keySet() : Returns a Set containing the key in this Map.
  • values() : Returns a Collection containing all values in this Map.
  • isEmpty() : Check if there is any element in given Map or not.
  • remove(Object key) : Removes the mapping for a key from this map if it is present.
  • containsKey(Object key) : Checks if there any mapping for specified key.
  • containsValue(Object value) : Checks if there any mapping for specified Object (Could be more than one).
  • get(Object key) : Returns the value to which this key is associated to.
  • clear() : Used to remove all the mapping in given Map.

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