What is Google Apps Referral Program? Is it simply that I can earn if I refer an Android app to some of my friends?

No, its not for android apps

It is for Google Apps for Work which is messaging and collaboration applications suite from Google, costs $5/user/month OR $50/user/year to end client ($28/user/year if your company's hq based in India and most of your users login from there)

Here is how Google Apps Referral Program works-:

Note-: Its available only in U.S, Canada, and Australia (as of today 28/01/2015), you can skip reading it you aren't the one.

Step 1-:
  • Sign up with your name and email at Google's Referral Program site
  • You will need your bank account to collect referral payments from Google

Step 2-:
  • You will receive a unique referral link after registering for the program (similar to all online affiliate businesses)
  • Now you can start with email and website templates that Google will provide, in short these email and/or web templates will have your affiliate link
  • You will get reward when customers sign up using your unique referral link

More Points-:
  • You will earn $15/user, paid directly to your bank account
  • You will also get coupons that save your referrals $10/user for the first year (so its a win-win:)
  • Get more coupons once you start showing your google love

Consider This -:
  • You can refer an unlimited number of customers.
  • You’re rewarded for each referral customer’s first 100 users. A user is an individual account belonging to the customer domain.
  • Your referral amount will be based on the number of users who have paid for at least 120 days.
  • Available only in U.S, Canada, and Australia

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